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Teacher Reviewers Wanted: New Interactive Online Module

Teacher volunteers are needed to review a new online eLearning tool that explores how Homo sapiens evolved in East Africa and across the globe.

The review can be done on your own computer, or laptop, and will require an estimated three hours of time. Reviewers must have access to the internet to test the tool, and be able to email input back to the overall review team.

This interactive project includes review of a global map with information spots highlighting Homo sapien migration, agriculture, and genetic changes. There are also five learning games on subjects such as Otzi the Iceman, Variations in Human Skin Color, and the First Farmers.

We will limit the review team to the first ten qualifying teachers who register to help in the project. Reviewers will be the first teachers to see the new interactive website and will credited as being a part of the educational review team for the interactive.

The eLearning tool is scheduled to be released to the public in Fall 2015. Review will occur as modules are finalized. Project release target is September, 2015 on the Unlocking Life's Code website.

Sign up here to volunteer to help us review this exciting new interactive.