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The Human Genome ProjectTeaching Tools

#1 | April 25, 1953 Watson/Crick Paper As It Appeared In The Journal Of Nature (National Human Genome Research Institute)
#2 | The 1962 Nobel Prize For DNA (
#3 | Rosalind Franklin: DNA's Unsung Hero (TED-Ed)
#4 | The Rosalind Franklin Papers: The DNA Riddle: King's College, London, 1951-1953 (The National Library of Medicine)
#5 | The Francis Crick Papers: The Discovery Of The Double Helix, 1951-1953 (The National Library Of Medicine)
#6 | The Race To Sequence The Human Genome (TED-Ed)
#7 | DNA Sequencing Technologies Key To The Human Genome Project (Nature Education)
#8 | Three Sad Surprises About The Human Genome Project (The SciShow)
#9 | List Of Sequenced Animal Genomes (Wikipedia)
#10 | How To Sequence The Human Genome (TED-Ed)
#11 | How Do You Find Out The Significance Of A Genome After Sequencing? (
#12 | What Does DNA Look Like? DNA Imaged With Electron Microscope For The First Time (New Scientist)
#13 | The Poetry Of The Human Genome (National Human Genome Research Institute)
#14 | GenomeCache (HudsonAlpha Institute For Biotechnology)
#15 | The Animated Genome (Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code)