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Timeline ofAncient DNA

1984 | Ancient DNA research begins with genetic analysis of 140-year-old ancient zebra
1985 | Researchers look at 2,400-year-old Egyptian mummies to understand ancient DNA
1989 | DNA analysis reveals closest living relatives to now-extinct Tasmanian tiger
1990 | The best-selling novel Jurassic Park introduces ancient DNA technology to readers
1992 | DNA from extinct giant birds recovered from 3,550 years old museum specimens
1994 | DNA of tuberculosis found in 1,000-year-old pre-Columbian Peruvian mummy
1994 | First woolly mammoth DNA recovered from Siberian species
1997 | 90 centuries and 300 generations later, DNA links British caveman to local teacher
1997 | First successful identification of ancient malaria DNA from human remains
1997 | Scientists study ancient virus for answers to the deadly 1918 “Spanish flu” pandemic
1998 | DNA from ground sloths’ fossilized dung reveals ecology of lost world
2003 | From teosinte to tortillas: Domestication of corn is revealed
2003 | Ice cores from Siberia reveal DNA of ancient plants and animals
2005 | Scientists recover DNA from 40,000-year-old cave bears and their environment
2005 | Paleoindians brought bottle gourds to Americas 10,000 years ago – or did they?
2007 | Ice-covered Greenland was a conifer forest half-a-million years ago
2010 | Fossilized eggshells yield well-preserved DNA – even in warm climates
2010 | Secrets of the Pharaohs: family tree of King Tutankhamen unveiled
2010 | Neanderthal genome yields insights into human evolution
2010 | Early Greenland settler “Inuk” has whole genome decoded
2011 | Cave paintings show true colors of Stone Age horses
2011 | Black Death genome dug out from burials in a London plague cemetery
2011 | Fossilized fingertip in Siberia reveals missing human species, the Denisovans
2012 | Ancient syphilis genome recovered from newborns deceased in the 16th-17th Century
2012 | Tyrolean Iceman mummy, “Ötzi,” has whole genome decoded
2013 | Medieval leprosy genome compared with modern strains
2013 | Mystery of Irish potato famine solved by DNA sequencing 170 years later
2013 | Ancient medical kit in shipwreck reveals ingredients of Roman medicine
2013 | 700,000-year-old horse genome shatters the age record for ancient DNA
2013 | DNA in fossilized dental plaque traces human diet from Neolithic through modern times
2014 | “Clovis Boy” DNA links ancient boy to American Indians and other Native peoples in the Americas
2014 | Genetic studies reveal kiwis are the closest living relatives of the huge elephant birds