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15 for 15 CelebrationNational DNA Day 2018

#1 | DNA Sequencing: Reducing the cost of genome sequencing by a million-fold.
#2 | Human Genomic Variation: Understanding what makes us different and what makes us the same.
#3 | Cancer Genomics: Transforming how we study, diagnose, and treat cancer.
#4 | Human Origins and Ancestry: Illuminating human and family origins at the genomic level.
#5 | Agriculture: Empowering farmers to improve the food supply.
#6 | Genomes at Work: Learning how genomes serve as blueprints for life.
#7 | Rare Genetic Diseases: Ending diagnostic odysseys for patients with rare diseases.
#8 | Pharmacogenomics: Choosing the right medication at the right dose for each patient.
#9 | Noninvasive Prenatal Genetic Testing : Revolutionizing health assessments before birth.
#10 | Enhanced Forensics: Establishing more robust methods for DNA-based forensic analyses.
#11 | Microbes and Microbiomes: Advancing the study of individual and communities of microbes.