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1 | Re-visit the original 1953 Watson-Crick paper that kicked started modern genetics.
2 | Watch this interactive learning tool: What is the evidence of evolution?
3 | Take a trip through the hidden world of organelles: Explore the iCell.
4 | Create the classroom learning tool everyone has to touch: Origami DNA.
5 | Watch the best five-minute refresher course in genetics anywhere: The Animated Genome.
6 | Re-visit the fundamentals of evolution with this animated primer: "Does the Theory of Evolution matter?"
7 | Extract DNA from strawberries at home, or in the classroom. Use our recipe. It's easy. It only takes two strawberries. YouTube video, or infographic directions in Spanish and English!
8 | Borrow freely from our illustrations and animations library: Cells, organelles, genes, and more!
9 | Browse our free online learning tools collection that have won our highest award: The ULC Resource of the Month!
10 | Check out the amazing "Image of the Week" website from HHMI BioInteractive: Gorgeous images from researchers with supporting linked materials.