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Social Genomics Project

There is more and more news in the public forum about the workings of the human genome.  What is less clear is when and how these new discoveries might be used to benefit individuals like you and your family.  We want to understand what you think about the links among genomics, behavior, identity, society and health.

Visit the Social Genomics Project website to consider 
the following questions and see how other people
responded to these and other questions.
  • If you could find out one thing about your genome, what would it be?
  • What unique traits or characteristics related to things like appearance, health, personality or abilities run in your family?
  • What's unique about your genome?
  • Is there anything about your genome that you want to remain a mystery?
  • Are your behaviors influenced by your genome?
  • What do you hope scientists discover about human health and medicine using genomics?